MA.CO.2L - Woodworking Machinery

MA.CO.2L is an enterprise specialized in production and sale of combined machines for wood (new or used).

Each woodworking machine made by us, is the outcome of a process who starts from the design, from the research and control of materials, continues with the creation of prototypes and ends with the production and sale of machines who can satisfy the highest standard of quality and securuty.

Our enterprise in fact, is always at the forefront of high technology and makes quality and material certification one of his strong point.


In our wide range of products for sale (Planer, thichnesser, combined machines, spindle moulder, etc...), you will find combined machine 2, 3, 5 works, made with sturdy steel sheets, folded and welded. You´ll find also woodworking machinery (built with standard higher then his category) which provid exceptional results, they are perfect for the exigent small artisan as well as for the large companies in the sector.

Furthermore, in case of need, MA.CO.2L is ready to ensure a rapid and efficient assistance on our whole range of products.



Since 2016, we acquired and registered as a brand, the name SICAR. We are the only one, worldwide, that can offer a huge range of spare parts ad accessories for woodworking combined machines SICAR, thanks to our highly qualified technician, who used to work in this great company, headquartered in Carpi, for 30 years.