All woodworking machineries we commercialise, are built or tested in our own factory located in CEREA, via Torino n° 31, near VERONA, ITALY.


All machines are designed in our technical departement, the heart of our company.

Thanks to our technicians and their great experience in woodworking machinery, with the research of new materials and the realization of new ideas, they can achieved, in the best and economical way, a final product more and more advanced and safe.

Each woodworking machine made by us, is the outcome of a process who starts from the design, from the research and control of materials, continues with the creation of prototypes and ends with the production and sale of machines who can satisfy the highest standard of quality and securuty.


The first aim is to mantain high quality standard on the final product, trying to reduce costs, starting from the manufacturing process.

MA.CO.2L also assure, in case of need, a rapid and sure assistance on all our products.